WithXWar Logo/ 60 Million - 2018

WithXWar Logo/ 60 Million - 2018

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Ink on Paper

297 × 420 mm

Artist Statement:
This artwork was inspired by a post on WithXWar’s social media accounts describing the slaughter of close 60 million Buffalo in the late 18th and 19th Century, equalling to a near extinction for the animal. What was more shocking was the true motivations of the US Army (with the help of the American White West) had towards the hunting, it was a tool of genocide during the Plains Indian Wars to gain control of the land. A common phrase was "Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone”.  This information was so striking, I spoke to Tish Rico (vocalist) and offered to do a design to help draw attention to this often overlooked historical fact. Tish agreed and also asked for me to design a logo for WithXWar as they did not have one. I wanted to capture the horror of the the buffalo’s near extinction which is why I drew a buffalo skull with the figure 60 million branded on the forehead. Behind the skull are two traditional Navajo arrows crossed to symbolise the Native American struggle as well as the straight edge X symbol. The ring of arrow heads were done in Photoshop. The WithXWar logo I wanted it to have a 90s Hardcore/ Metalcore influence and I drew heavily from one of Morning Again’s logos in their Hand of Hope era. I also wanted to make it obvious that the band had Navajo roots, which is why I included a silhouette of an arrow head to make the A. The logo was edited and finalised within Photoshop and then redrawn.






Artwork cannot be reproduced without the permission from the artist.
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