Satanic Lovers - 2018

Satanic Lovers - 2018

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Ink on Paper

297 × 420 mm

Artist Statement:
After working on an earlier release, Break Through approached me to design the layout for their new EP titled “Visits From Lilith”. This comprised of the previous 7” record “The Seventh Circle of Hell” and 2 new songs, one being the title track of the release.  While working on the cover and layout, I wanted to capture the combination of the previous record and the new songs and themes, so I included this piece within the CD layout and on a T-shirt. The dagger featured in this piece is reference to the lino cut, cover art of “The Seventh Circle of Hell” which shows a man engulfed in flames, with outstretched hands that have been pierced by daggers. As this was a Lino cut, the daggers were only simple, so I imaged what one would look like in detail. The gun is a reference to lyrics in the song Visits From Lilith, “one last kiss from your loaded gun”. I wanted to draw the gun in a noir style so I combined snub nose revolver types, the Colt Cobra and Smith & Wesson models. Adding to the noir style, I drew an engraving of a kiss mark on the gun and the inscription “Visits From Lillith”. This actually includes a spelling mistake on Lilth with an extra L, because I was convinced it was spelt that way until I looked it up afterwards.




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