Monuments to Thieves - 2017 Art Print

Monuments to Thieves - 2017 Art Print

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This piece was created in 2017 when there was a discourse around racist monuments being torn down in the United States. At the same time, there was an incident that occurred here in Australia with a Captain Cook statue being vandalised in Sydney. Seeing both these events unfolding, I envisioned the watercolour piece as a combination of these events and how the dismantling of Australian colonial monuments would look. The red paint is an allusion to many protests throughout modern history where they use red paint to symbolise blood. 

I am releasing this print now, as I never got a chance to digitise the image before framing the original. Now more than ever, the timing feels right. The discourse surrounding colonial and racist monuments is reigniting again. Around the world many activists are taking matters into their own hands in an attempt to rid the landscape of monuments to thieves. 

The title was taken from an album of the same name by a crust punk band called His Hero is Gone. 

Digitally Printed on Archival Quality Paper
297 x 420mm