Black Lives Matter Poster Print A3

Black Lives Matter Poster Print A3

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This piece highlights the struggle of black people against white supremacist structures enforced through police and correction officers. The piece was commissioned by the AntiColonial Asian Alliance - Sydney for a poster of a vigil showing solidarity to George Floyd (an African-American man murdered by police on May 25, 2020). The art differs slightly on the AAA poster compared to this print. A large part of the symbolism comes from the African American/Pan African struggle THROUGH the black panther imagery (Black panther Party). I did choose to include a bloody handprint which references a protest held in Australia for the unJUST KILLING of an Aboriginal man by police ON NOVEMBER 9th, 2019. The community smeared red hand prints all over the Yuendumu police station. Highlighting the blood on the Police Station’s hands.

Digitally Printed on Archival Quality Paper
297 x 420mm


50% of profits of this print will be donated to MFF (MInnesota Freedom Fund) & W.A.R (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance).